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A successful long lasting career, whether in the entrepreneurial sphere or in the common force workplace, needs strong theorical and practical skills.

At Ally Beauty Academy we have masterfully integrated both. By acquiring passionate instructors with diverse backgrounds and a multitude of industry experience, by working closely with employers and our board members and most importantly working with our students to ensure they can all reach their own ultimate potential.

We are one of the fastest, steadiest growing industry, with constant change and many opportunities for further education to master our skills.

Your education matters. Which is why we are constantly perfecting our programs and continuing our market research to capture the latest and coming high demand treatments.

Our programs offer the most complete education currently offered in all of Canada. We are reshaping the industry, elevating the standards to ensure growth and continuity for one of the most captivating industries out there.

Join us to innovate the world of beauty and let us support your career goals all the way to the top.




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Medical Aesthetics Instructor / Career Coordinator


Medical Aesthetics/Aesthetics Instructor

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